Sticker Designs

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Capitalism Devastates (4.25″w x 5.5″h)

Stop the Pipeline (4.25″w x 2.75″h)

Everybody hates the police (5.5″w x 2.13″h)

Festival (4.25″w x 3″h)

Loot Everything (4″w x 3″h)

Defend Afrin (3.25″w x 4″h)

Stigma Kills (4.25″w x 3″h)

We fight together! (3″w x 4″h)

Meet me in the street (5″w x 2.5″h)

I’d rather be a pig than a fascist (5″w x 3.5″h)


Autonomous Communities Are Better (4.25″w x 2.75″h)

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